This mess of mine.
2001-06-05 05:51:29 (UTC)

3:43pm Tues, 5th June 2001

I am too exhausted to write how I feel so I am just going
to copy and paste what I told peit.
You have sent a message!

still havent slept
or been able to move

i have been sitting in my room rocking since i talked to
you last

wade just came home to get clothes
so i was all like omg where is kev
and he said that he rang kerry and is with her
and will be home sometime tonight
then i asked why he was hurrying so, was he being waited
and he said yeah
and i asked who by and it was kerry waiting for him
and i was like OMG KEV
and he said they organised not to drive in
they would drive around while he was inside then drive past
and pick him up wen he was waiting there
i asked him to please please get kev to come in and just
have a hug
and wade said no. that kev couldnt handle me right now
and i said i could play fine and happy if i got to hug him
and tell him i love him and wade said he would ask him to

he didnt

he said no

i went out about 5mins after wade left and they were all

i have been crying and feeling like shit and just sitting
sat the bottom of the stairs crying waiting for marie to
get home

why the fuck does everyone else make him happier and more
comfortable than i do???
what am i here for then!!!


'Slackerbitch, faghag, whore
looks real cute, her lips are sore
slackerbitch, faghag, whore
dripping sex from every pore
slackerbitch, faghag, whore
looks real cute, her lips are sore
slackerbitch, faghag, whore
such a motherfucking bore.'
by Placebo

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