Autumn Always
2002-05-08 13:38:19 (UTC)


What a hectic week. I decided in the end that I didn't want
to go on the trip. I thought about it for a long long time
and came to a few conclusions. Yes I would have enjoyed the
drive, but once we got there there really wouldn't be
anything to do, and I like to move alot. Sitting in a
strange hotel would start to bother me. I didn't feel like
sitting through my brothers graduation. And it's not like
we could just stop along the way whenever I wanted to take
pictures it's mostly on the turnpike. And the added benefit
of being here for my 3 year anniversary with Patrick. I
wanted to be home bymyself much more then I wanted to go.
If it were more of a vacation I would have gone, but I
didn't feel like dealing with the hurried and planed
motions of efficency. I feel really good about my decsion!
I have the whole house to myself for 2 whole weeks. It's
lovely. I have a few wonderfull plans and alot of nothing
time. Yesterday Kylea came over and we went out and got
copies of her ultrasound for the babybook, and I copied and
enlarged some pictures for mothers day gifts as well.
Everything turned out wonderfully. Then later in the day
Lynn came over and we sat and had huge glasses of wine and
ate chocolate cheesecake while watching movies for a bit. I
think by now Mom and Dad are just entering Illinois. I have
also decided on a whim to paint the house for mom for
mothers day. She has the border she likes. So later today
I'm going to my aunts ( she's an interior decorater lucky
me) and she's going to help me pick out a wall color from
the border. It's going to be some kind of oatmeal, or rust
or beige, something along those lines. Then I'm going to
run out to home depo, ( One of Nathaniels favorite places
on earth so no doubt I'll think of him while I'm there )
and get paint, brushes, tarps and tape. Then later today I
am going to start taping the house up and covering it.
After I'm done painting my Aunt said she would do the
border for me. She's awesome. And Patrick is coming over
this evening to spend the night with me and be here all day
tomorrow for our anniversary. I have no idea what where
doing. I am both anxious and excited. I got him some really
neat things. Then friday I think I will start painting.
Saturday Lynn wants me to go to great adventure but I don't
know if I'll feel like it. We'll see and Mothers day I'm
going to my Aunts for dinner with her and my grandmother. I
hope my brother likes the laptop computer I got him. Then
once the painting is finished I want to make table covers
to match and maybe if I have the time left make curtins.
We'll see about that too. And in the in between time I'll
just be here relaxing and seeing Patrick and Lynn and Kylea
and maybe carrie and just being by myself and cooking and
watching movies. What an awesome vaction. And much needed.
So this past week was really busy with getting the rents
ready for their trip. And the weather is lovely. Yesterday
I planted tomatoes, wildflowers daisys and oregeno. I still
have to get another pot for my cherry tomatoes, and at some
point I want to run to Franks and pick up a few more things
for the back porch. And on top of it all I've been feeling
pretty good. I feel hopefull about things. So now I am off,
I need to get some breakfast and throw some clothes on,
wrap my anniversary and mothers day gifts and then just
fiddle around till 1 when I head to my aunts. Life... dare
I say, seems good :)

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