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2001-06-05 05:36:19 (UTC)

First Entry/About Me

Hello. This is my first diary entry with this diary
service. I used Diaryland before this, but I wanted to do
something different. Thank you to all who read my diary
even though my life sucks.
-About Me-
Name: Ashley
Nicknames: Ash, Ashi, Lucy, Sis, Baby, take your pick or
you can make one up if ya want
Birthdate: May 11, 1987
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100lbs
Marital Status: Single
Residence: Illinois
Hair Color: Dark Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color: Blueish
Color: Orange
Food: Pasta
Ice-cream: Mint Chocolate Chip ::yummy::
Drink: Coke
School Subject: Does lunch count?
Sports: I'm not that athletic, but I like to watch
Rugby...mmm guys in shorts and no padding ::yummy::
Movie: No faves, I like lots
Actor/Actress: Again, no faves
T.V. show: Charmed, Change of Heart, Street Smarts, a few
Singer/Band/Music: All depends on the lyrics
Car: Jetta
Book: R.L. Stine books, except the Goosebumps series
I *HAD* obsessions with Nick Carter, Nick Lachey, Drew
Lachey, Leo DeCaprio, and about 5,000,000,000 other guys.
I refuse to call immature males guys. I also refuse to
call mature males boys. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BOY
AND A GUY!!!!! I know, I have issues, I know.
My ex bf caused me to have my major issues with boys,
being just another boy himself.
I *LIKED* Britney Spears.
Everyone forgot my b-day this year, I got depressed, I ate
a whole chocolate cake, and Timmy, being the totally
awesome guy he is, made me the most awesome b-day card in
the world!
I really really really really like Timmy a lot. He's so
sweet. (Thanks for the B-day card Timmy)
I love to draw.
I need a life.
I need to stop typing now so that the people that are
actually reading this can leave their computers. Just
because I have no life, doesn't mean that they don't.

Haha! Okay, thank you to those who read all that. Now I'm
gonna try to write a story and IF I actually finish this
one I will post it here. Bye all, thanks again.