Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-06-05 05:18:48 (UTC)

The Best Friend

I think every teenage girl who's ever been the lead in a movie has
been cast with the male best friend character. You know, the guy
that's always the caring big brother type that gives the best advice
and even better hugs. Well, I've definitely got one of those, and it
took me until today to really realize how glad I am that I do!

I've known James since the 6th grade. In fact, I remember sitting
behind him and making fun of him- like everyone else did. I
especially remember him throwing an entire desk at the class bully
one day. I remember the first time we got along. It was on this
field trip in the 7th grade. We ended up hanging out all day, and
we've been great friends since.

There've been summers when I stayed at James's house more than my
own. I think I'm the daughter his parents never had. We've watched
so many movies in his basement and spent so many hours on the

I guess I've had little phases of having a "crush" on him, and I
think he has too. I remember sitting on his couch so many nights
just wishing I could scoot closer to him and cuddle up. And I guess
I'd be lying if I told you that I wouldn't date him in a second even
now. But I guess that's something that isn't ever going to happen,
and I'm ok with that.

Today we spent most of our afternoon together. We went out
to eat and spent a while cruising around town, talking about how
people have changed and everything. It's sad to think that we don't
have many of those afternoons together left before we go off to
college. I'm gonna miss him so much. I guess that's something else
about high school that I took for granted. All I can say is that I'm
glad that I've got James, and if I meet just a few people at college
like him, I'm gonna do great!