Alice Sycamore

my stars
2002-05-08 06:30:06 (UTC)

Brand new

Well this is my first time with an online diary. Kinda
weird, that something like this would be here, and thanks
Julian for the inspiration of finding this, and doing it.
And also for the name, cause that was my most favorite
character to be ever!
I really don't know who many people will read this, or what
kind of people they will be, but since I love getting to
people's heads so much (a common trait of an actress like
me!) I figured a peek into mine is only fair.
So what is going on in my life. Well so much, then so
little. Getting ready for college is a pain in the ass, and
getting ready to graduate is scary. A certain boy in the
theater won't let me get away to my back corner of the
theater to ponder, to linger in my senioritis. But he's
cute, and fun anyway. Even if nothing does happen, that's
totally fine, cause I don't know if I'm really ready for
much right now.
My ex just happens to be online a lot, and talks to me more.
I know I missed him a lot and such, but the more I listen to
him talk about his problems and his lonliness and what's
wrong with him, I see why it is much better that I am not
with him. I mean, I know exactly what it's like to be
alone, and to just wallow inside yourself, but there is so
much that can be done there, and I'm very glad I had the
sense to say "*******, damnit, get up, brush yourself off
and move on. You're a big girl now, and you can survive.
Just look the stars, and you'll be fine." (for those of you
who don't know, which most of you don't, the stars are my
inspiration, love, and life. They bring me peace in the
toughest of times, just reminding me to shin, no matter
what, forever.) Like Andrea said, if you can go through
something big, especially by yourself, when you come out you
will be stronger than you ever were before, and can last
through just about anything. So I'm glad I'm there.
So I suppose the first entry is supposed to be the one about
me.. but I really don't know what to say. I mean, I could
sit here and sum up my whole life, but I'd need to be
inspired by it. That's what the rest of the diary is for,
in my opinion. Let everything come as it does, "go with the
flow" as the saying goes. So who knows what is to come, but
hey, it's pretty interesting to see what comes up, right?
Well I think this is e