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2002-05-08 05:37:13 (UTC)

am i nothing?

over and over i have been lookin for someone to listen.
i sit alone.
my so called friends look at me, but continues to walk away
and laugh with their friends.
no body is going to read this anyways.
sometimes, i really don't see a point in living.
but i have to stay strong.
God will lift me up someday.
He has.
but sometimes it just seems like he dropped me... hard.
but sometimes it seems like he put wings on me and let me
i see people laughing and smiling and enjoyin life everyday.
they have everything they want.
friends. boyfriends. grades. everything.
as for me, i just sit in my little corner and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
and wait.
nobody ever shows up.
nobody ever comes up and asks me "how's LIFE goin for u??".
just as i thought i found someone that would really care,
they leave me and stops talkin to me.
when will there be someone consistant.
someone that could actually BE there, forever?
I know... Jesus. I talk to Him all the time.
BUT i need someone to talk to.. someone's shoulder to cry
on.. someone's big bear hugs.
GOD, WHEN are u gonna send my 'special someone'(boyfriend
or best friend, i don't care.. just someone that can
listen) to me?? I am starting to get really "isolated" from
everyone. coz i'm startin to build everything up inside of
me. I would talk and tlak to u every nite until i cry.. and
fall asleep. And wen ppl do ask.. i wouldn't be able to
tell them everything i have inside coz that would be my
whoel life! God pleez help! I don't want to cry every nite
anymore, God.
Pleez help.

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