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2002-05-08 01:01:44 (UTC)

My neighbour needs help - lessons about rules

Tuesday and some things. Well some people had problems
with worker that does not know how to obey. Instead of
doing apologize he just started to argue. He was not with
reason. But he did not apologize and made much rumour.
If he needed to go would he started to argue. Or if some
people greet him by something would he accept the prize.
Hypocrisys is the answer. Because if some people receives
house and food then people will accept the tough side of
situation. To obey the rules of house without arguing.
The hypocrisys people will not accept disclaimers and will
lie to disguise the lack of loyalty. But would accept
compliments and prizes in a sight.
Tomorrow I will help my neighbour. When things are worst
it is time to do not let alone. Thoughts would be the worst
enemy some people could have. And feelings the best friend
some people could hold on tight. You only can feel what
you touch. But toughts they come alot from memories and
I learnt much and now I am fighting for the truth and love.