Dear Felicity
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2001-06-05 04:06:06 (UTC)

June 4th, 2001

so i just got remmed by my fucking parents. man i cant even
being to explain how freaking ridiculous they are. they just
assume that I am the worst fucking child in this house. but
lets do a tally, who is the ONLY one with a job, ME, who
always has the best grades, ME, who is the only mature one,
ME, who NEVER asks for a god damn thing, ME. yet somehow, i
get picked on for not talking, well maybe its because I have
NOTHING to say to anyone here. did they ever think of that?
i dont give a shit what they think or have to say about
things, and I dont give a shit about their opinion on every
little thing, I have nothing to say, because I dont want to
have to hear what they have to say. The reasons she yelled
at me tonight couldnt have been more ridiculous. joe is the
only good thing in my life right now. He is the only thing
that makes me happy, and the only one I can trust and rely
on. that sounds so pathetic, but I know its true. SOmetimes
I feel like he is the only one who cares about me. I have
more to write tomorrow, BUt im not in the mood right now.