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2002-05-08 03:21:55 (UTC)

The end of my first year

After eight months of adjusting to this new life and these
new faces, I must leave. It seems silly to go home, but
it's what you do I guess. I end the year with some finals
and my juries, then off I go. I return only for 2 weeks,
due to orientation. Whether I see any of these people this
summer is beyond me, but I'd like to. There are so many I
am just starting to know and growing to like more and more.
I am forced to return to the old relationships I either put
on hold or stretched due to school. The people I once cried
with and laughed with are not the same, and neither am I.
What will it be like when we reunite? Will it be like old
times, or will awkwardness exist?
For now I am just tired, so I think I'll hop into bed. But
in the mean time, think about who you are. I don't know how
happy I am with who I am. Does that make any sense? Growing
up is tougher than I thought.