Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-05-08 03:17:02 (UTC)

Ooo Ooo...

This is how horrible I am, I forgot to mention the
highlight of my day today... I got to talk to my beautiful
niece tonight. It almost made me cry, because she is
getting so old and mature.. I am so happy, but still sad, i
havent seen her since summer and that about the last time
that I talked to her too. She is graduating the 6th grade
this year, a day before I get out of my hell, I mean, I
graduate High School... ha. She talked to Matt, this summer
she had such the crush on him... it was so cute. Ohh how I
miss her so much... she is part of me... she is my mini-me.

Okay, well instead of talking about everything else that
acctually happened today, I will go, becuase I kinda feel
like Pucking my brains out....

~~Turtle Girl~~
PS- BTW... ha ha, I know he will never read this, so I
have to say, I didnt do I said I would, becuase I ate a
little tiny portion of mac. salad for supper, and no
breakfast, and a little lunch, that I gave half away
anyway... But I did have a cookie... SO FUCK YOU OLD MAN...
I'll break your fucking hip... ha ha. and you will never
know I barely ate! HA