Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-05-08 02:52:48 (UTC)

Life in the cold sunny place

They call this place sunny california! But it really isnt
sunny and it is super cold here! AH! Well someone told me
I should write about the people I live around so I will.
What can I say, school sucks! Nothing more then boring
because we are taking these stupid test that suck ass! It
is so stupid. God and then I had to deal with all this shit
today with all my friends. Jesus! Robert did the worst
thing today after he heard something Leighton said but I
dont want to go into it! Well this isnt that long.. I can
keep going for a little bit. Well I have like two lives.
You know where people lead double lives! It is kinda kewl I
mean I could be dating someone it both places and no one
would now. I mean man! But I dont do that even though it
people probably think it is super good. What do you guys
think? So yea, it will all work out. I might start a new
diary for my life here and in Lemoore... then it will be
kewl and I wont mix myself up! LOL! Well talk to ya guys

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