a little piece of me
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2002-05-08 02:41:47 (UTC)

last day of design..sniff

went to design today. sunkoo kept my table to take slides
hehe. he's so damn cute. i'm gonna miss him lol. our
balloons failed miserably. no one's worked. each time
we'd air it up, a new hole would form. it really sucked.
we worked so hard. i know sunkoo was really disappointed.
he told amy and i that we did a good job, though.
hopefully we'll get an a. he said he doesn't give out many
a's at all. i believe it. just hope i pulled it off. it
was a really fun class. i wish i could have taken more
classes like that. they were so good for me...kept me
busy, plus taught me a lot.

ok, i was filling out this survey thingy today when someone
knocked on my door. i figured it was the neighbor kid,
since no one else comes over. i go to the door, and it was
this semi-dressed up black guy. i thought he was at the
wrong place, but he was a salesman. turns out, he's the
funniest damn salesman i've ever met. he was selling some
cleaning stuff. he scribbled on a while washcloth with a
blue ink pen, then squirted this stuff on it and made it
disappear. then he washed the window on my screen door,
and tried to smudge it (the smudges didn't come back).
then he washed some bugs off my car, and tried to convince
me that i needed it, cause it also cleaned my white gym
shoes. i told him i was moving, didn't need the cleaner,
and only wore black. didn't stop him. his boss pulled up
in a van, and he was like, oh that's just my stupid-visor,
don't mind him. what a nut. he was so funny! if the
stuff hadn't been 30$ a bottle, i would have bought some.
told him i was broke, and i was sorry...he politely moved
on. about half an hour later, i was walking from the
living room into my room when i heard him yell at me. he
told me bye again, then came back and asked me if i had a
cigarette...i don't smoke, so i didn't. he was really
nice. i know, just trying to do his job, but still. very
funny guy.

ok that was my stupid anecdote for today. i thought it was
funny. my back still hurts. didn't help that i was
carrying around a tub full of glasses and dishes. i'm so
close to being done, it's scary. only kitchen appliances
and blankets left. the house is so bare...sniff sniff. i
kinda wish i could spend my last night in it alone, but my
mom will be here. that's ok, i guess. just a sentimental
sap sometimes (most of the time).

well, turtle is on, so i'm gonna go talk to him.
sigh...love him so much.