jallure's eyes
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2001-06-05 03:16:38 (UTC)



a friend... well she lost her virginity lastnight... for
some odd reason i feel she may have made a mistake maybe at
her cost but with my guidance... well, in a way...

well, for the last 3-4 months she has been talking to me
about sex... and she talked so strongly of how she loves
him and wants him to be her first and i told her if she was
ready: then go for it cause it is wonderful...

lately... she has been having troubles with her boyfriend
but she finally gave it up lastnight... i kind of feel as
though it is my fault... i had told her (jokingly) she cant
die a virgin...


i do not think she was ready... ;( not good.

maybe i do not feel guiltyas i thought but i feel like i
may have possibly contributed to an incident she may regret
in the soon future... *shrugs* i just feel a little bad.