A Storm Brewing In The Sunshine
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2002-05-08 01:38:45 (UTC)

blah blah blah

well today wasnt too bad. the new goldfinger cd came out,
but of course i couldnt get a ride to a and b sound, so i
have to wait until the weekend. i went to the pool/skate
park with two of my best friends today. it was fun i
guess, except that one of them was being really depressing
because she thinks some guy doesnt like her. he does. its
really annoying- so many guys like her and she just
refuses to notice. erg. shes so pretty. ugh! im hideous!
lol, theres this kid at the skate park who's 15, but he
looks like he's 8. its soooo funny, cuz he comes all
stoned and drunk, having a cigarrette. all these old
people give him dirty looks. not to mention the police
station is right next door. anyhoo..im not really in a
diary kinda mood right now, so ill write more later. byes

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