Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-08 00:38:36 (UTC)

More Confusion

~today has been aiiight i guess. i talked to thomaz today.
nothing important whuz said. i think itz easier to talk to
him 'bout thingz when i'm with him. i wanna c him dis
weekend but i dunno if dat will happen. he said he'z gonna
cum ova on saturday for my birthday but i doubt dat will
end up happenin'...bcuz nothin' eva goes my way.~

~thingz are still screwed up wit erin and me. for sum
reason she can only see da good side of him. even though he
alwayz makez her mad or sad. today i found out sumthin' dat
i think she mite wanna kno. she'll probly read dis so here
goes...a gurl at school dat livez by jeremy said she seez
savannah ova at jeremy'z almost everyday and she saw dat
gurl savannah giving him a lap dance about a month ago.
jeremy has been telling people at school he has more dan
one gurlfriend. i dunno...if u believe me or wut but hez
trouble..i kno we aint exactly talking right now, but be
careful gurl..sorry u had to find out dis way.~

~ali'z still been pissin' me off. shez been pissin'
everyone off actually...stupid lil' wench needz to get a
clue before sumone really jackz her up. fucking hoe. god
she makez me mad..punk ass bitch~

~i guess andrew likez me now and lindzey and diana have
been tellin' andrew dat i did stuff wit tom (i didn't). and
now andrew'z askin' all des questionz bout him. i dunno
life is so craaaaazy!~