mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-05-08 00:37:09 (UTC)

911 - the burger joint....

went out to luinch today with the most wonderful woman in
the world, my lovely fiancee lisa. we went to a neat lil
roadside burger joint in agawam called 911. it was real
good food, i had a double cheeseburger grinder w/extra
cheese & some seriously hot chilie on it. It took 2 iced
teas to eat it Lisa and I have been gettin along
very well lately , we went to her counsleor kathleen on
monday, she is real kewl person, i think she is good
counselor, because i feel that she really does care for her
patients. Tommorow I am hoping to start givin lisa her
mothers day presents, we will see what happens. I got some
neat plans for her ... i guess that is about it for now..