Diary of Me...
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2002-05-08 00:27:28 (UTC)


Laaaa! Wasssssup? School is soo boring. I can't wait
until summer vaca... I'll prolly have to work the whole
time but oh well. In Health today.. geesh! My teacher was
all happy that I got 100 on the baby project. She was all
braggin about it and I was just sitting there. I walk into
class and she's like "katelyn, come here" and she shakes my
hand. Riiight lady. Then like, during the whole class she
was saying how I got "a perfect 100" ENUFF WOMAN! LoL.
Spanish was BORING and STUPID.. just like every day. I HATE
THAT GUY. Stupid asshole needs to find a new job. He sucks!
Math... boring.. we learned something new and I don't get
it at ALL.. and we already have a quiz on it tomorrow.
riiite... Bio was okay.. We had a quiz in there and i THINK
i did pretty good. It's an easy class! Then I came home for
a few min. then i had to leave to go to the counselorz. My
counselor is the nicest lady! I love her!! She wicked helps
me. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor and talk to him about
medicine.. FINALLY! You don't even know how long i've been
I'm sooo hungry!!!!! *eats shirt* My daddy is gettin me
some chow right now weeee! Oh, fuk me.. I have mad homework
to doo dammit! Fucking Spanish of course! I have to write
10 fucking imperfect sentences. Fuck him! Asshole! *When it
comes to the subject of Spanish I get really pissed off and
want to kill someone..well no.. but* ANYWAYSSSSSS I fink
thatz all cuz..... I'm going to eat... something. Yummy...