2002-05-07 23:53:44 (UTC)

Friend's shouldn't kill themselves

I just had a friend who has been dignosed with something
really serious, I would tell you but some how some girls in
my class now read this, it's okay though, even though u
don't know my friend. She is really sick and there is much
I can do or anyone can do to help her.she has depresstion
but u guys dunno her..she's has something and has always
been trying to kill her self, and I love her dearly she is
like my best friend... I tried to help her I really did and
I hope it worked..if any real people who aren't people I
know wanna help me it would be great.... u guys are can
help me i'd really love it...the people here on my-
diary.org are super nice, and I hope u love hearing from
me, because I like hearing from y'all too..

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