The lost little girl
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2002-05-07 23:19:31 (UTC)

ah yes...tuesday...

well i still feel fairly sick. i'm all dizzy-like and my
ribs hurt along with other things. *sigh* but oh well
right...i'm lost in this world around me, to scared to leave
my castle so high....so i'm just sitting here, like a dork,
waiting for my prince to arrive...and for some reason i
don't think he's coming....but i just tell myself he's
running late. god i hate lying to myself.
for all those people who talk to me on AIM i want you to
know, the info i have...don't get too weirded out by it.
it's not to anyone specific..it's to the general public, i
know that probably won't make it better, but i know it helps
a little. i think. anyways..
i must be on my way. i'm looking for something to wear b'cuz
..well ...sitting around in your p.j.'s until 7:30 at
night...not a good thing...so i'm gonna go and do whatever.
i will talk to you soon though. love you..byebyebye- janie

daily quote:
"where do i begin on how much i love you?" - ( from a letter
in a book of mine)

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