Randi Lynn

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2002-05-07 22:58:27 (UTC)

mah Birthday

i woke up this morning, my mom waking me up, saying i had
to open my present b4 she left and the card she got me had
a really hot guy on the cover, saying "I was gonna get you
one of these for your birthday..." and then i opened the
card and it said "But i didnt know your size!" lol. For my
bday she got me a ring. I already told yall about it. We're
moving at the end of the month to live in raymond, but ill
still be going to the same school. next year i want to
change schools tho, and since raymond doenst have its own
highschool ill be able to do that. You'd think since it
was my bday i wouldnt have to do dishes or laundry, but noo
i do have to. x.x This year they actully said my bday over
the annoucements, for some reason they never have before.
My daddy called. Today. Said happy birthday. Also told me that my
nanoo (grammy) was dieing..That she didnt have much time left to
live. It's sad. he said "Sweet Sixteen never been kissed" and I
laughed..and he said "Well..you probably have been kissed, How about
sweet sixteen never been felt up?" x.x thats my daddy for ya Then he
says "Na im just kidding, You probably have been felt up.." x.x
(::cough:: No i havent!)