Keeping up with Love
2002-05-07 21:01:53 (UTC)

Advice Appreciated

Welcome to my average everyday life somewhere in the
Midwest. A little about me - 28 Years old - scratch that
I'm 29 now, birthday was a month ago. I'm a guy, but not
your average guy in terms of sterotypical guy behavior
dealing with relationships. I've never had a problem
getting dates, nor have I ever had a problem being
involved. I come from your average 3 child family, of which
I am the oldest. My parents are still married and I have a
good relationship with them , here in surburbia. I have an
average job with an average income and I girlfriend I am
totally in love with.
Now, my problems may seem superfisal to other people
but they are mine and they need to be addressed. I know not
where to start. Life has thrown me so many obsticles. Maybe
these problems are of my design, but i choose not to
believe that. If your reading this any weedback will be
OK here goes. It starts with Highschool. I am your
above average looking athletic male. (or so Im told). so
sexual attractiveness from the opposite sex has never been
a problem. My 1st relationship started at the age of 15 and
we dated til I was 19. It ended with the confession of her
cheating habits. What a let down, 4 years down the drain. I
became rigid and uncaring in my 2nd relationship, after
all, All women cheat right. I was just going to beat her to
the punch this time. Only the 2nd one, was devoted to me,
but you would have never been able to convince of that then.
Needless to say, I was eventually caught and that
relationship was over.
Three is a charm right, wrong. At the age of 21 my 3rd
walked into my life. Another 4 years, another failed
attempt Only this one ended with my inability to spend
enough quality time with her. We were engaged to be
Married. My Mother, Her Mother and She did all the planning
never once was my opinion asked for, so i distanced myself.
I mean what in the world does a man want with the
preperations of his own wedding day. Its a day for the
Bride only right. So Im a sensitive guy, thats unheard of.
I mean A guy like me , a jock, I should do MANLY things.
Fuck that I like what like. I say what I want and if I
want to plan my wedding I will. We'll continue this
tomorrow got to go.

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