Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2002-05-07 21:00:37 (UTC)

...I find it hard to be a very caring person...

Well, haven't written in a week or so...haven't had much to
say I guess.

Today is the last day our receptionist is going to be with
us. Don't misunderstand by actually thinking I care about
my job; it's just that she's pretty hot, and was one of the
few reasons for going to work. They got a replacement, of
course, so whatever.

Had to work over the weekend, which sucked ass. I wouldn't
have done it, except I could use the money. That alone totally
pisses me off. When did I become so dependent on
money.'re not the contents of your wallet... I
should be able to get by on whatever amount I make.

On the plus side of things, I've gotten my friend totally
hooked on the Sopranos. Word of warning, don't even watch
one episode of the show unless you want it to totally
consume you.

Saw Spiderman, like everyone on the fucking planet. Really
wanted to Dueces Wild, becuase it has so many people in
it. That was, until I read the reviews, which basically
said it blows striped zebra balls.

Been playing the Sims a god awful amount this past week.
Getting very frustrated at the game too. As you add the
various expansion packs, I think they add difficulties in
getting the sims together (relationship wise). I think
they ought to add a rape option in to get the job done.

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