Oh,The Insanity
2002-05-07 20:11:02 (UTC)

Cake and Ice Cream

Today Sucked. Like, really really sucked. I tried really
hard to stay happy and not cry even as the day progressed
in suckyness and it didn't work. The final straw was when
Corinne and Adam and I were hanging out after school and
she got all sad was like "we need a party with chocolate
and crying " and I go "and cake and ice cream" and then she
went somewhere and he was like "y do u say that? u know if
that happened it wouldn't mean anything and that's not what
u want" and I was like "awwW" can felt like dying...ONCE
AGAIN. So I was like "I need to go" and they followed me
outside and I was really quiet and didn't cry until Adam
came up to me and was like "are you okay" and I was
like "yeah" and he's like "ok" and I start crying and he
willingly hugged me(wow!) and I just cried and cried and
he's like "can I help" and I go "no" and he goes "as a
friend" and I'm like "i dunno" and left. So here I am,
Crying and writing in my diary which does nothing for me
except broadcast my sucky life to the world. This is
deffinitly sucky. I have to go to work now.