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2002-05-07 19:00:00 (UTC)


Oh, man am I ever tired. I've been running on empty for a
couple of days now. I was planning on putting on my
headphones and sleeping all period, but alas, my computer
won't play any music for some reason. Oh well, at least I
talked Pock-Pock-Ba-Gock (as Paulo likes to call him) to
turn the net on on my Comp. So this period isn't an entire
bore. Cristal's still at home, that little monkey! She
keeps saying that I got her sick, but I think that the only
person that I actually could've gotten sick was Zack, so I
really don't think Cristal's being entirely honest. Whoa.
I'm sleepy. I need to go home and take a nap before my Rio
class. I played games with Zack, Carly, Eric, Brittney,
and Chip last night. It was fun. We played Celebrity, which
is a game with elements of Taboo, Charades, and other party
games. I think they made it up, but it works. Ray is
sitting next to me copying my Govt homework that I finished
in first period. Oh wait, I didn't finish the homework, I
fifnished the classwork. Well, I guess I know what I need
to do right now. I'll write more in here when I have time
(probably won't be until tomorrow, but that's okay, I don't
have much to write right now).