My life as Trick
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2002-05-07 17:52:51 (UTC)

Too Close for Comfort

I always hated that show.

Now I'm finding myself in a situation where I have too many
people with disparate ideas about communal living taking up
my toilet space.

Paper bags with leftover food in it sitting on the coffee

A shoe that needed to be cleaned last year sitting on the

Bags of trash in the hallway sitting outside someone else's

A television (mine) that has no place to go, so it sits out
in the hallway as well.

Telephone conversations 2 doors down that are so loud that
I can't sleep.

I find myself slipping into a constant state of
irritability, with no one clear definitive cause. No one
thing that I can point out and say "CUT IT OUT BEFORE I GO

Because there is no ONE thing. It's 25-50 little things.

Like the fact that you wash 1 shirt and 1 pair of jeans
EVERY DAY, but I can't seem to find time to get a load of
my own laundry in.

Or the constant SMELL that is coming out of the kitchen,
because someone can't seem to remember to put the extra
waste in the disposal rather than letting it ferment in the

And while I have never been the neatest individual, I could
at least keep up with my own mess. I can't keep up with the
clutter of three people.

And I don't really want to try any more.