Meshed Up
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2002-05-07 13:35:46 (UTC)


things are definitely not what they seem...especially on
the internet. *smile to thy mysterious me*

(s)he said, everyone is sexy and cool on the internet. and
i can't help but agree. and stereotypes as well are so
easily developed online. like me.. i instantly assumed that
thy mysterious me is from america..but the truth of the
matter is, (s)he was right under my nose. or...above my
apartment to be more specific.


one thing i've noticed, the people who lurk around this
area write more when they receive feedback..or when they
know that people read their works.

are actions dictated by the environment?

a great man said that some people write for the sake of art
while others write for the sake of truth. great writers are
combinations of both.


a guy said he read my works and told me that they were very
good. another guy asked if i posted my works up on the net
and if he could have the site. a girl asked the same thing.
and i...well..i didn't know if i should tell them that i do
have an online journal. i mean...sometimes it's nice to let
people know what you think. but sometimes,
think otherwise.

am i proud of my writing? perhaps. i don't know. i like to
play with words...and my words are the only things that
help me make sense of this world that i live and breathe

am i proud of my writing? no. i'm happy i can write but i
don't think it is that great. do i write for the sake of
art? maybe. but i do write for the sake of truth. at least,
what i hold true to myself. not necessarily the truth that
will set you free but the truth i see before my eyes.


my eyes hurt and my head aches. works written for the sake
of art do not hold the same appeal that those that were
written for truth. you can sense the falseness and the
lies. works without soul fall on deaf ears and leaves a
bitter taste in the mouth. works with soul do otherwise.
they turn minds and hearts. they turn people, places, and
perhaps even the universe over.

it amazes me how everything and everyone is
way or another. we're all connected...intertwined. don't
ask me to explain... cuz i don't really know how to explain
it yet. i just feel that we are all...connected.