Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-05-07 12:51:37 (UTC)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

It seems some people have (again) grasped the wrong end of
an - admittedly distasteful - stick.

I have no real desire to become a teacher - although it often seems
the only plausible career path available to me, even less desire
to do anything illegal with a schoolgirl (why would I? I
dislike 'public school' people immensely - the thought of
spending time with any of them, either boy or girl, is
sickening - or at least I thought it was, it seems that
from such mind-controlled beasts (and I know, I live with 2
very public school ex-boys) can spring thoughts and words
of staggering beauty), and zero or less desire to find out
that people are branding me a sicko on the spur of the

Fine, so I make a few bad taste jokes to a specific
audience...I don't know. It makes me plenty irate that
after yesterday, I'm going to have to edit my entry so as
that I don't have a mailbox full of abuse.

So I'll edit it so that the actual purpose (please if you
want to abuse me, understand what I'm saying before you
leap at me, guns-a-blazing - I have patience nor respect
for such an approach.

Oh, and I think you'll find 'extract' is the correct term
for 'something extracted, notably a passage from a text'
rather than 'a condensed version of a text'. Lor lumme! You
have the nerve to come and abuse what I've written,
suggesting I've made lexical (and, apparently taste)
errors, stating something that I not only explained
graphically (how I came to acquire the text - that I had
written only a snippet of it) but also copied word for word
was wrong.....

And then to leave no e-mail address or form of contact. Its a big
hairy joke.

The world today is absolutely crackers.

WILT? Billy Bragg & The Blokes - Some Days I See The Point