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2002-05-07 08:06:44 (UTC)

Monday and friends - keep the faith

Monday I visited some neighbour and heard her story side about
that barbecue party. And we know things each other did not know.
Those things would be surprise. But I knew those people are the
way they are.
At night I saw Mel and say hello. I visited Carol and played
some tarot card game. I saw other people and they act like me
not there. Well I think I have enemies but some people does not
know it. They thing they are my friends talking about me. In
real they do not know me. I will show people that some people
are not my friends.
Today at morning I met some people. She is nice and friendly
and she was at public transport stop station. Maybe I see her
later if she appears in some street.
It is raining and it is good.