life's a bitch..it just had puppies
2001-06-04 22:55:40 (UTC)


this past week has been SUPER busy!..well its fun, buuut
its busy, i should be studying for finals but i dont really
care, i wont fail. and this weekend i went to the beach
w/carre(my sis) and jana(friend) it was really fun. we got
there at about 12 in the afternoon and layed out and at 2
we went shopping and flirted with some boys that worked at
the ice cream place(damn they were cute!)and at about 4 we
left and went to the stables to go riding, i got rojo
again, i like him alot more than trixie, shes too slow. but
besides that my day was full of laughs and cute guys. i
think im gonna go to pismo more often maybe ill see that
guy again..i never did catch his name. oh well ill probably
see him again if im gonna go sooner or later. he probably
wont even remember me, he flirted w/almost every chick that
was in sight. but oh well ive got some of em lined up! but
im definetly going to pismo more often with different
friends. but after finals this week im going to lake mede
to go water skiing with my church, it'll be fun, it always
is. and when i get back ill go see the pearl harbor movie
AGAIN with andrea, i cant let go of josh harnet!! hes way
too gorgeous! well anyway, i must go now..bubye!
~giddy ol' christy~