'love' is propaganda..
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2002-05-07 07:30:13 (UTC)

You can either tell him everything or nothing at all.

Anything less would be a tragedy. You either tell him
everyhing, the whole story. or, you sit there and just
shuttup. People need to know the truth, honestly and
wholy, otherwise they should just be protected by it all.
You can just do that annoying thing of saying 'hey, i
know soemthing you dont know' or cut yourself off mid
sentence from saying to much. It just gets under
peopels skin.

Now I know Im a hypocrite but I dont need My loved
ones to tell Me this, its just annoying. If i was obesely
overweight and was hideous to look at.. Id rather
people tell Me I was gorgeous or just not say anything
at all about my physical appearance. But no, it nevre
works like that. Because nobody would go to such
extremes to benefit someone else. Were all in it
primarily for our own gain.

The only reason ive started this is because I got the
shits for like the last time about a break up that wasnt
really a break up because I cant remeber actually being
a girlfriend role model to this person anyway. Its like
having an argument with a man, some stranger on the
street and just because you want to hurt him or get
back at him for doing or saying something you'll come
back with a retort like 'oh, youre not m father, I dont have
a father' as if its really going to cut him up or soemthing.
As a woman Im proud but damn we can be pretty stupid
human beings some times.

brb. gotta go grab dinner. Lamb Chops it is!