2001-06-04 21:55:20 (UTC)

is it over yet ?

why do i have to have heavy days?
those days that
well i cant cry
i cant seem to get my words out right
i feel fine
i dont feel sad
yet i dont feel anything
you say what's wrong? are you a player hater today? noo no
i know its a joke . i can take a joke
just some days i need for you to be more on the level
more so out of your eco bubble
that impenetrable one of yours
it's all about being busy
yes god i so want for you to do
fullfill your dream
i want to be there too. just happens we have the same
dream at the same time and you know
one day just one day i want for you to just come out and say all of
te words that you dance around. no not the 3 magic words you are
thinking anout . not those. those are almost empty. ..because i know
what's there.
the words you evade so out right , on days like today.
you want me
you want me
you know i want you
we know it's unavoidable
we cant seem to stay away from each other
we have a great time together
we understandeach other
are there some things you dont know that i THINK you do? do i need to
be more frank?
in a few weeks... ill do that.
things might be easier then. maybe.

and what is wrong with that? seems like everything we do
is the same
i know yours is not mine and mine is not yours i am no fool
but somethings just aren't meant for joking
how is it? why is it ?
and why is it that right now i do feel the tears coming
i dont want that damnit.
damnit im tired of those
then there is you . you say " i dont have anyone to go to"
well shit
neither do i.
i have chosen to keep this to myself. i cant break down in
someones arms i dont want anyone else involved.
the papers are signed the money has been paid.
all there is now is a seminar a hearing and a filing fee.
the no more bond.
it's over

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