more human than human
2002-05-07 05:10:24 (UTC)

In my head

The universe is temporarily out of order. Please find your
way to the nearest exit. Your god, goddess, deity, spirit
guide, soul mate, inner child, or holy being will guide
you from there. If you have any questions, comments, or
concerns, please ignore them, chances are they weren't
yours to begin with and you aren't actually thinking them.
Avoid running, screaming, and crying for they will do you
no good. Don't worry about your material possessions; they
will not exist in a matter of minutes anyways. If you are
atheist, you too will cease to exist, but that doesn't
matter because you don't believe me anyways. Thankyou for
your cooperation, and have a nice eternity.

Who would be the last person you'd ever want to talk to?
What would you ask them, or tell them? Or would you rather
look into a sunset while cuddling with the person or
people you care most about? Or maybe say a last goodbye to
your pets? These things, if answered honestly, can speak
piles about a person. I've always wondered how certain
people would answer these, and some people I know. How
would my closest friends answer? What about my family? The
things that run through my head when its almost midnight.
I would claim insanity, but I don't believe that such a
thing exists to be claimed. No one is insane, they just
think in ways uncommon to most, in ways that society
cannot comprehend, and since every one is afraid of what
they don't know, we give these people a label and a
number, and ridicule them for going against the norm. Then
we tell our children to embrace diversity, that no one is
wrong, and yet we have people shooting eachother in the
streets because of a protein that causes a pigment
difference. What are we teaching innocent eyes, with minds
that are still impressionable? Its okay to be different,
as long as you're the same. As long as you hide whatever
it is that makes you stand out, everyting will be fine.
I'm tired of hiding.