Life, no one gets out alive?
2002-05-07 04:28:25 (UTC)

The witty banter of a college student on finals week

I think things are better. My wee fling with the guy
previously mentioned did me good. We didn't last long
though only 15 days(this is exact). and it is approximately
15 days after that too. Don't know he and I are still
friends; which makes me happy.

Got into the college I wanted to FINALLY. but they don't
have housing for me so that sucks.

Umm got into a car accident totally the other guy's fault.
I have witnesses so he is screwed!!!!

My best friend is still being odd. The other day I said
something to the affect of, "I only go to church for death"
and he said, "you wish for death" under his breath. So that
was amusing. O-well life goes on.

Fighting with a good friend, she just got on my nerves. I
hate people who are 16-19 who do not have their liscences
and expect you to be their chauffer(sp?). And buy them
cigarretes because they do nothave their liscences or
aren't old enought o buy them themselves. Again not to
bothered by this.

Thinking about fucking this guy I had a MAD crush on about
a year ago(this crush lasted about 2 years). He seems
interested and I am more forward again so it is easier to
get laid. Don't know if it would be a good idea though.

I like 2 guys right now(besides the one I wish to fuck).
One I met last year in my hang out. I started him into a
wee fetish for having wax dripped on him. I used to bring
ccandles to my hang out and just yell out" whowantswax" and
about 5-10 people would shout out"memememememem". So I know
this one is a bit of a freak just like me. But he is kind
of elusive, so I am not sure that he knows if he is
interested. Well the other is a wanna-be thug or that is
what I call him. He is a stoner, as is the other guy. And,
he seems to be interested but reluctant. Last year he and I
tried to hook up but shit happened and he went out with an
ex instead. Ever since then me and him have stayed friends,
and I am tempted to just jump on him soon.

Saw my other best guy friend yesterday. He broke up with
his firldriend and is seeing this girl from the bronx. I
think they are just fuck buddies though becuase school ends
soon and they will be seperated for 3 months. But thinking
about making a move on him too. It is weird I am interested
in him and I don't think he is interested in me anymore.
This is becuase he calls me "sis" now and I was the only
one who used to call him by a family designation.So this is
weird. But it was good seeing him we shot the shit with a
mutual friend who is living in his house and had a good
time telling bad and racist jokes. (we are not racists but
enjoy laughing at the stereotypes).

My other (ex?)best friend(girl this time) is actually
talking to me. We saw eachother about 2 weeks ago and
started talking jsut like old times and now she IM's me and
stuff so I think she realises she was a biznatchy about her
relationship with her boytoy. Ehhh, it'd be cool to have
her back again.

yes I have 4 best friends. Two have been since middle
school so about 7 years. And one since frosh year of HS so
5 years. And the last for 2 years, since I started working
at the MB(grocery story) also known as ghetto basket!

Alhtough I don't know how close I am with all but one of
them anymore so this sucks. But I am pretty sure that 3 of
them will be around for a long time. At least I hope they

I think it is time to go to bed now as my eyes are watering
(high pollen count and exhaustedness). I hope you had fun
reading my update today. Sorry it wasn't the normal witty
comentary on my life but too much has happened. have a good
night all

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