The mediocrity that is me
2002-05-07 04:22:06 (UTC)

It just wont leave me alone!!!


I swear, this abstinence shit just WONT LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
I checked my email a few minutes ago, and there in my inbox
is an update from the ACLU dealing with - big surprise
here - FUCKING ABSTINENCE!!!! (Isn't that an
oxymoron? "Fucking abstinence." It's either fucking or it's
abstinence. You can't have both.)

Anyway, so I sent a letter to Bob Stump about some bill
that's against government funding for abstinence-only
education. I'll probably get a letter back in a month or
so, telling me he totally disagrees with my viewpoint, and
it really doesn't matter what the hell I say, he's going to
to what he wants. Good times.

I think there are only 11 more days of hell left. Thank ____
(insert deity of choice here). Today the counselers at our
school decided to grace us wtih their presence. I felt so
blessed. It was almost like a religious experience....I had
almost lost faith that counselers actually existed. We were
herded into the cafeteria, where they screamed instructions
in our ear for about 20 minutes. Oh, and here's the best
part. Guess what they were instructing us on. HOW TO FILL
IN THE BLOODY BUBBLES. You'd think they'd realize that
after, oh, I don't know, 12 YEARS in the public school
system, we've picked up on how to fill in the bubbles
correctly, but no. They STILL feel the need to remind us
that we must have a "Number 2 Pencil. Do not use pen. The
machines they use to read the scantrons will not pick up
pen. And if you make a mistake, be sure you erase
completely..." So instead of actually listening, I did what
the entire room was doing. I rebelled. I stuck it to the
Man. I filled out the bubbles before the counselors started
talking. And I filled in the wrong box, so I'm going back
to erase it, one of the counselers comes up to me and
says "You're not supposed to have that one filled in." Yes,
thank you, that's why I'm erasing it as you speak. Do I
look like a moron? Well, maybe. The whole thing was just so
damn annoying. So I left school and went to lunch. And then
bought tickets for the concert.