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2002-05-07 04:15:59 (UTC)

random thoughts from myreligion classroom while being preached at...

his sacrafice wsa the ultamite sarcifice, and so it
forgave all. God handing over his life to himself? if
jesus is god then is not god in a way sacraficing
himeself? the people didnt sacrafice jesus to god, for
they were unaware of jesus' value... does it show our love
for god? or gods love for humanity?
Jesus opened the heavens for us:
Is there irony in all this? for life, we are expected to
DIE for others? i think so.
the ultamite thing about jesus is that he is innocent,
deserves life, yet takes punishment
yet who sacrifices jesus?
why would god sacrifice himself for humanity? Jesus-God,
God-All knowing Jesus-all knowing- knows that things turn
out all right- doesnt need faith ... humans-know nothing-
dont know how things are going to turn out- need faith. so
how is jesus human?
Was jesus DESTINED to fulfill the prophesies?
if so, am i destined to do thingsS? is it all just
triggers and reactions? did jesus ever have a CHOICE to
sin or not? what if jesus had sinned? would that be like
got sinning? yet god isnt human, he is above sin... does
jesus have a soul? is it possible that jesus dies to found
the religion?did he have a choice? desensatized to death.
how is jesus different? he dies the same. if he is human,
that is. why is he so special? lack of sin? but what if he
was destined...
does got love us all the same? or some more than others?
(that one is from paul)
jesus saved humans, but who saved jesus?

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