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2001-06-04 21:05:13 (UTC)

rough time at the dance...

on friday night was my class' last 8th grade dance for the
year. a whole bunch of schools were invited, 6th 7th and
8th grades. we made a pretty good amount of money.

i didn't have such a good time. the guy i like shaun,
hardly talked to me at all. he's a year younger and in 7th
grade, so we don't talk that much. i really started liking
him a few weeks ago at a dance at another school. hes so
sweet to me and we danced a few times at that dance, but at
the one on friday, he hardly even said hi to me.
so every time i wanted
to talk to him or ask him to dance, it was too last cuz he
was with someone else. i really like him alot and i don't know what
gonna do next year. im graduation on friday.

basically this week isn't a big deal. tomorrows the 8th
grade retreat day at the convent, wednesday is our trip to
a resort in the poconos, thurady we come to school @ 12 and
have a big dinner that night, then fridays graduation! ive
got 2 parties this weekend,then one next tuesday. my
grandmas flying in from ohio on thursday morning then going
home on tuesday. i got a new dress for thursday night and
thats all for today.