Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-05-07 03:10:12 (UTC)

Today Whuz Shit

it whuz all going aiiight until i went to erinz band
concert at school...i had to sit wit her boy jeremy and sum
otha peoplez. (including my x-boyfriend deangelo who did nuttin' but
give me evil lookz all nite)well jeremy whuz hittin' me and bein' a
total ass and erin thought i whuz hittin' on him. i swear i whuzn't
though cuz i dont like him like dat. anywayz i think erinz
pissed now. she said she aint but i kno she is. she whuz
givin' me shitty lookz and she whuzn't talkin' to me...but
sumhow she aint mad at jeremy when it whuz all him hittin'
on me. i swear to her itz like he can neva do nuttin'
wrong. itz messed dup. i dunno me and her have fightz all
da time now. itz fucked i kno. but u kno wut i dont care no
more. fuck dat. erinz pissed...skip her...tomz not
interested...skip him. i'm tired of pleasin' peoplez...i'm
tired of bein' all bright and cherry and nice..fuck dat. i
dont care no more i give up on everyone!