a little piece of me
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2002-05-07 02:48:32 (UTC)

final final today!

took my final (well, only final) final today. ahhhh, so
nice to be finished. jessie helped me with the last
balloon today. that mother fucker is huge! it's taller
than me, and i'm almost 6' tall. craziness, i swear. i
took her out for dinner (ok, we went to the grocery store
and bought some shit), then went to the park to eat. it
was so nice outside. i love being out there. we went back
to her house and watched boston public. very funny
tonight. then we walked to dq. i walked home from there.
just got back a little bit ago.

that was pretty much my day. doc upped my meds to 30mg.
hopefully that gets me straightened out. i hate this bs.
i hate acting the way i do even more, though. guess i have
to take the lesser of the two evils. i don't want turtle
to see what a horrific train wreck i become. i know he
really understands, but i saw what a mess i made of things
with brett. i am so ashamed of myself, and hope to never
do that sort of thing again.

well, i hurt my back really bad today (not sure how), so
i'm gonna go lay down to ease the pain. take care everyone!