A Storm Brewing In The Sunshine
2002-05-07 02:27:15 (UTC)

someone elses word

hey people
this entry is pretty much pointless, im only writing
because im bored. i dont actually have anything to say.
yah yah i know i just wrote a few hours ago. all ive done
since then is read a book and have a shower. i like
showers. they are excellent for thinking. i like reading
too. yeah, im a dork. oh well. lol. i even read all four
harry potters. i think harry potter is over rated..the
books werent THAT good. i mean, they were ok but compared
to some other stuff ive read, well..you know. my favourite
books are keeping the moon and someone like you, by sarah
dessen. just thought id share that. anyhoo...im still very
anxious for tomorrow. new goldfinger! yay. i wish i knew
when the new good charlotte cd is coming out. im pretty
sure its this month, but i dont know the exact date.
*sigh* good charlotte are so cool. and yay for billy
inspiring me to pick up a guitar. now if i could only meet
well i might be able to meet them this summer. theyre
going to be at the warped tour! i dont have tickets yet,
but ill get them. i cant wait for warped. theres gonna be
a water station for fucks sake! go to www.warpedtour.com
if you wanna know in detail how spiffy its gonna be. plus
theres a list of REALLY cool bands you might wanna check
out. lol, one of my friends told me that she'll buy me a
good charlotte poster if i pass math. to bad im so stupid.
im already saving my money so i can buy band merch. god, i
cant wait. And btw, that 'god' was a figure of speech. i
dont actually believe in god- sorry if that offends
anyone. im kind of interested in some wiccan beliefs, but
as far as i can tell its easier just to make up life rules
as i go along. i dont want to live my whole life by
someone elses word, y'know?. anyhoo, ttyl. bye all

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