My Life.............
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2002-05-07 01:54:25 (UTC)

what a life.:(

I dont know what im going to do with Bobby, i havent talked
to him since saturday...... we went to a dance, i asked my
sister to come down too, well, the night turned into a
disaster, he tried to kiss my sister and kept playing with
her ass, and his ex was there and all he did all night was
stare at her and complain about what she did to him, and he
told me either i was getting prettier or she was getting
uglier, it made me feel like crap, plus there was other
people sitting at the table with us, they saw him flirting
with my sister, and they asked me if he was with me, and i
said yes, and hung my head, i was never so embaressed in my
life!!! my sister said he probably doesnt remember what he
did and doesnt know why im mad at him...... he was so
drunk.:( then when we left he blamed me for taking his truck
cause he couldnt find it, he said my ass would be grass and
he would be the lawn mower, which pissed my sister off, i
was crying and she said i didnt need this crap and we left,
he went back in to get the keys from his cousin...
I am just so upset, i dont want to walk away from him, i
love him so damn much, but, i cant take the drinking.:(