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2002-05-07 01:45:54 (UTC)

'Is there something more that waht ive been handed?

Ive been crawling in the dark, looking for the answer.'

Me and my lyric quotage.

Hello world, how are you this fine afternoon? Im debating
going on one of my little psychotic speals... Lol. Thats
what you get for eating regularly. Sleep, nawh. Eat,
yes. Lol. Im always so awake at night. Whats up with
that? I think Im an insomiac. Night= awake, day = sleep,
sometimes, if i get lucky.

I want someone to talk to!!! How crazy am I? Wheres
nick... he always babbles about stuff with me.

Colleen is watching old home videos. *tear*

OoOoOo! I remember the point of this! Mom finally decided
to sign up for welfare, and shes all messed up about it.
Ive been trying for months to get her to do it. I dont see
where its a bad thing. Shes all messed up because shes 51
and feels like she cant take care of her family. I know
she tries really hard. Quite frankly, mom put alot into
that danged goverment, adn that money is there for people
who need it, and quite frankly, if that means I can eat,
and get new clothes and stuff i need for school, then Im
happy as a clam. Im going to be a senior, and Im sick of
worrying about asking mom for things I need because I have
to worry if were going to pay the bills or not. I dont
complain, well, I try not to. Its not my style. I just
take it as it is. For the most part. Sometimes I dont
understand Matt. He works so hard just to hear me bitch.
Lol. No, Im serious. When we first started going out, Id
hardly tell him anything. Hes helped me grow up alot. I
still dont tell anyone but him or mary or maybe will whats
going on, sometimes even val. But Im alot more out going,
and part of that is due to JROTC. Ya get sick of getting
walked on. I swear, some people are slow. Like Bobby. Hes
finally understanding my frustration. Its nice to find
someone as irritated with that class as I am. Major Kelly
is great, I love taht guy. But 1Sg is really getting
pissy. He like, expects us to be God. I know Im falling
out of his good graces, and I dont care. Im sick of trying
to impress people. I think thats why staff memebers have
such a chip on their shoulder. Theyve been hardened by the
class, and theyve earned getting to sit in an air
conditioned room. Major Kelly accepts the fact were not
perfect, and hes funny.

Amazingly enough, Im having intellegent conversation with
carlos. Go figure.

matt, I love ya baby, soooo much
Marie, I miss you madly
Huggles, love yaz!