Randi Lynn

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2002-05-07 01:41:25 (UTC)

Havent Written in awhile

The cat my daddy gave me name is now kibbles. He is now
very big, very happy, and very sweet, and also very
playful..He has a webpage.
now, onto bigger news.
On a regular bases i updates my diary at the beginning of
teh year, then i just stopped, and you list alot of of my
life..yeah, Right. So, Im gonna be talkin' about things
taht might confused you cuz it has nothign to do with
The other day i lost mah friend, kristi, and now i spend my
lunches in the library, cuz im a loser and i have nothing
else to do - really, i dont. I dont think anyone that i
know would tlak to be outside anyway, we're allowed to go
outside during lunch, plus robyn is there. Im mad cuz i got
an 86 in english and a 76 in Algebra, that's a B- and a D ,
its horrible. my expage dissapeared, im mad. My mother is
the worse, most meanest person in the world. I was down
here, i jsut woke up from an hour nap today, and shes home,
and i go online, and she starts tlaking to my brother jimmy
about who called. he doesnt know, but i do, so i but in,
andi tell her Stefano called for kevin, and she's
like "Who's stefano? teh only person taht shoudl be calling
from the marines is his sargent" and i go "It is his
sargent, mom, oh by the way, these people called for you
and said your cell phoen cover was ready..." she goes "WHY
DIDNT YOU TELL JIMMY?! Weve been waiting for that call all
day!" i say "I didnt know i was supose ot tell jimmy, it
said it was for you...." "You were suposed to tell jimmy,
go o your room randi, you're so stupid, you cant even get a
message right, goddamn bitch, GET UP THERE! NOW!!!!" so i
go up to my room with my kitty and cry myself to sleep, and
wake up at 9 pm. Shes in her bedroom, i ask if i cna go
back downstairs, she says sure. My birthday is tomorrow,
and i already get the feelign tomorrow isnt going to be a
good day. But the type of say you have depends on your
attitude and my attitude aint gonna be a happy one. my bday
party was saturday, my mom, step dad, best frined and only
friend tina, nana, papa, uncle billy, and great aunt avis
came to it. Thats it. No one else. None of my cousins came
cuz my aunts have thigns against my mother. So much for a
16th birthday party. and Oh, top that off, my best friend
tin ahas a crush on my brother jimmy she says "He just look
so cute in that hat..too bad he has a girlfriend" at least
she isnt liek robyn, robyn had a crush on him too, and
jimmy wotn go out with anyone who is my friend cuz he says
all my friends are retards, he's such a jerk. Robyn's
response to that was "Then ill stop being yoru friend" You
know i hope you can understand my typing cuz i know ther
eis alot of typos in it. I'd lie if i said i had a great
life, she, it's nice, But its boring, and im very lonely. I
should be happy, my mom bought me a white gold emerald
birthstone rign for my birthday, i dont like yellow gold,
its icky, so i want white gold or silver, and emeralds with
white gold or silver arent common. But they arent as rare
as people like me! Im not sure a person can be happy and
lonely at the same time but i think im pulling it off.