Insane ramblings of moi!
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2001-06-04 20:16:12 (UTC)

Enrty #1

Helloooooo!!! This is me!! Heehee. My real name's Rebecca
but my friends call me Ducky (too many Rebeccas that we
know, so we've all got different nicknames... Beh, Becky,
Ducky...etc, etc...) I'm 17, & obviously female.

I live in Kent, in the South-East of England where I go to
school , doing A-levels... well, I'm doing my AS-level
exams at the moment, so hopefully they'll let me back to do
A-levels (she prays!!)

I've got another diary at which I've had
since the end of August 2000, but my friend's just got a
diary on here so I figured why not have 2!!! A lot of my
friends read my other diary, so it'll be nice to have one
thats a bit more private... then again how long that'll be
is debateable, I bet they'll find this one soon!!

I spend most of my spare time either online or out with
friends, usually smoking, drinking, or even better, both!!
Especially if I'm not just smoking tobacco! ;-) My mum
called me a 'wild child' the other day... mad! But maybe a
tad true... I'm surprised I haven't been grounded yet! My
mum's just a big old softy, I love her to bits but she
pisses me off so much!! Bless her.

I'll explain about the bloke situation in another entry,
it's somewhat confusing!! I've managed to get myself into a
bit of a mess recently, but like I said I'll explain later!



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