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Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-05-07 01:26:21 (UTC)

'Every cloud doesnt mean a storm'

hmm...this makes 4, 4 in in 3 months. not good.
the first time was the resulted in me breaking
up with jimmy.
the second time was set off by some moron in front of me
doing 35 on 19...right before work.
the third time was about 3 weeks ago, in the library
parking lot. poor john.
theyre starting to become more frequent. scary.
my mom said theyre not anxiety what the hell
are they?!
my problems:
~i hafta do my oral report in am. history tomorrow
~that asshole caught us skipping 4th
~i failed my makeup test in math
~im failing math
~i spent my lunch at the bank
~im about $1500 in debt
~i got a 50% on the 2nd shark exam
~my hands smell like dead, decaying shark
~my sister is a bitch
~my pc sucks
~work sucks...i need another job!!!
~my back/neck/shoulder hurts
~my knee hurts sure theres more...
crying really sucks. im so sick of it.

"Nothing spoils the taste of peanut butter like unrequitted
love" ~Charlie Brown~

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