the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-05-07 01:10:54 (UTC)

GuyZ (and how much they suck)

ARGH!!!!!!! After spending about three weeks totally
leading me on, Ethan called me the other day tell me how
much he likes Jess then acts like he always does.

DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT. whatever, it's not like I like him, cuz I know I
don't. He's a really good friend.

sloppy seconds. the story of my life. i should make a sign
and pin it to my shirt: "i do sloppy seconds."

Guys suck.

They just do.

I want a guy. On the bus, I was sitting on DB's lap again
today, and his hands were all around me and he was doing
the hand thing (I LOVE the hand thing...playing with
hands...anything with hands is just HOT), but it's weird,
cuz I know I don't like him.

I want a guy.

I want Ben.

NO, damnit! I don't want Ben! (yeah...so what if I
do??...Tammi's got him. Plus, it'd be totally heinous of me
to steal him away from her again.)

I just want a guy. Someone who actually likes me for me,
and not cuz of my rep, or cuz I fall for a guy over his
arms or hands.