2002-05-07 00:38:57 (UTC)


Don't cry because it's over
Cry 'cause it never happened
When you find out the truth I think
That I am gonna die

Don't sigh because he's sober
You'll find it's more than that and
I wish that you were perfect
I'm not afraid to fly

Don't die because you're older
Why can't we all be younger?
I miss my innocence and I
Wish I could turn back time

Don't lie because you've never
Known him the way you want to
There's so many things about me
That you don't need to know

I might pretend it's over
Because it never happened
So many possibilities
How have we got along?

But there's so much I wanna know for
The things that might have happened
So many possibilities
And all of them were wrong