2002-05-07 00:24:43 (UTC)


How can it be another night without you
If there weren't a single night spent with you?
How can there be another day in shadow
If there weren't a light so you'd know

That I've memorized every line of your face
My knees are week, I feel so out of place
Don't we both know I'd die for just one taste?

I only want to touch you
I only want to own you
I only want to be yours for all time
I only need to know you
I only want to hold you
I only need to know that you'd be mine

How can I take another day without you
When you're so close, I could touch you?
How can I be so damn inconsequential
You aren't afraid to hurt me
It's physical and mental

Are you afraid to face me
Or do you want to taste me?
Do you want to learn me the way
I could learn you?
Will you ever want to know me?
Are you ever gonna show me
All the ways my life would change
If I only had you?