2002-05-07 00:07:45 (UTC)

keeping up to date...

Here's my life in short so far:

FRIDAY = May 3rd; a.k.a. Polish Constitution Day.
I went out with my friend Aiondria on the Polish
streets of Chicago. She was not very enthusiastic since
she's not Polish but a mix of black, hispanic, native
american, irish, asian, and some more pherhaps. But she was
having some fun. I was yelling and screaming, nearly lost
my voice. (So close yet so far. Darn.) I noticed this one
guy I know so we went up to him to say hi. Turns out he had
a car parked behind the block and was waiting a while for
his friends. (If you know the street I was on during this
holiday, then you know the best way to celebrate is with a
good car.) He asked do we wanna cruise. So I said hell
yeah. My friend was scared though. She didn't know the guy,
and was scared of taking a ride with a stranger through all
this maddness. We went in, he screeched his wheels and
burnt some rubber, which was ever so cool. He was looking
for his friends but they were no where to be found. We
talked a little.
Well, long story short: We ended up in McDonald's and I
came home late purposely, lying. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?
I hardly get out without immense boundaries being set upon
me, so I might as well break the rules to feel free.

SATURDAY = May 4th.
Woke up early. I had Saturday Detention and had
to serve it, or I'd have two days in school suspension. I
couldn't take any chances since I missed my last one. Oh
well. They didn't do squat. I called this dude if I still
have this one job I applied for, and when can I start.
(Since I didn't start yet I don't consider it a guaranteed
job, and I'm still worried wheater it will fit me or not.
Later: Did some homework, talked, watched t.v.

SUNDAY = May 5th.
I was suppose to read the hobbit in full, so that
I can return it tomorrow safely and not worry about a late
fee. Aiondria calls me up and asks if I wanna see spider
man. Well ofcourse I'm gonna go. We went, all shows were
sold out. Ended up eating with her cousin, aunt, boyfriend,
mom, and me. Went to China Buffet. Not bad food at all.
Later: Got my stuff ready for Senior pictures tomorrow.

MONDAY = May 6th; a.k.a. Today, it's 6:44 now.
I don't like pictures. I'm definately not ordering
any. Well, maybe if I wanna send some to my friends, and
they came out good. Then I prabobly will. (Besides, I was
suppose to send one to Kayne a long time ago. oops!) I had
on some kick ass jewlery that I never wore. It was just
real big. (A golden snake necklace with red eyes, and
bracelet.) The bracelet was hard to write with, and I had
to take it off often during class.

During 7th we were doing a lab. My friend Kathy, ever since
the beginning of school, has been doing all our labs alone.
We somethimes help her out when she sais I need this, or
pass me that. She neglects any other help. Whether it is in
gathering data, calculating or marking it. We have distinct
jobs put down on the paper. The rest of the people would
help, but SHE doesn't let them. So I say fine to that. She
does get 100 %'s for the whole group most every time.
(That's mainly cause she bothers to ask the teacher to see
wheather anything is wrong.) Most of the times she corrects
her quite alot. So if other groups would figure out to bug
her that much as well, everyone would get 100's.
Point being though, she does not want help. So I was just
reading the Hobbit so that I won't have all that much to
read at home. (It's especially hard without breaks.) She
comes up to me and sais that if I'm not doing the lab, I
might as well pretend I am. I always do other stuff. WHAT A
BITCH!!! Well pardon me if your system doesn't work. Bitch!
I had another 10 minutes left of boredom. I could have
finished the chapter. Damn Bitch!

During 8th I was real jumpy and happy. Mainly cause I was
to be on stage, and it was the first time I remembered all
my lines in full. I still stumble here and there, but that
will all be good in time. I'm glad atleast Emma and me know
our lines. Most everyone else doesn't, and are not taking
the play seriously. (I was running around in socks because
I didn't wanna walk around in huge heels on stage, when I
was suppose to be playing a king, and through part, an old
man. Hahaha.)

Well, I was just outside on the yard. I think it's the
first time I actually have a place outside in the grass,
somewhat away from people where I can read and get a tan.
Which is exactly what I did. I read two long chapters and
finished off the one I couldn't in 7th. My legs are still
recovering from the grass cause I didn't know how to sit
(since when I sit to read I tend to lean over naturally,)
so i just layed on the grass. My mom was complaining.
Saying that I will become crippled. Whatever. You can't get
crippled from laying on a bit moisurized grass. She sais
these things though that most would believe her. Especially
me. Being as gullible as I am.

Well I'm here now and I wanna do some catching up with my
diary. I didn't start with Luna yet, because we moved. I
was gonna start yet another diary, yet I don't know if I
will be able to keep up with it. I was thinking about a
beautifully described elf castle in the book I'm
reading, "The Hobbit." So I thought, why don't I start
describing with great detail, places which are very
mystical, and come staight from my mind. Then I thought of
one particular reply to my diary and automatically thought
I should post it here. Since most diary's write about how
depressing their life is. Who knows, maybe it will even
turn to the adventures of some mystical creature in a
mystical land. Though not bing true, it could be something
comforting to read.
Now the idea of my best friends book comes to mind, and I'm
starting to want to do the same thing. Maybe I will. I
think I'll have time too. Just not today. Yet I still have
some time today. We'll see how it goes.


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