I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-05-06 23:39:07 (UTC)


Have you ever just wanted not to deal with life, to just
revert back and work your ass off so hard just so you can
eat on a daily basis. That way, the only thing you really
need to worry about is the weather? Well, I'm probably the
only one. Would anyone notice if I just disappeared, never
to be heard from again? I mean, if I want to talk to
anyone, have a relationship with anyone, I am the one who
has to keep it up. Be that calling them, writing to them,
emailing them, etc. Nobody ever bothers to call or email
me. Am I speaking generally? Yes. But this is how I feel.

I went to a bunch of places to apply for work today.
*sigh* I'm really frustrated. And my parents are going on
this new diet thingy so the rest of us have to as well. My
mom does the shopping and therefore there is stuff like
brown rice and tofu in the fridge. Maybe the meds aren't
working anymore. I feel like crap. Worse than crap, like
warmed up crap full of corn kernals. There's a picture
for 'ya. I need a massage.....among a huge damn list of
other things that I'm sure I've listed here before, so I
won't bore you with repeating them.


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