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2001-06-04 19:06:49 (UTC)

What should I do after school?

I've been thinking about that a lot today.
It was real gloomy outside, raining and all, yesterday it
was even hailing. Maybe that's why I was sorta depressed...

Well, the other day one of my friends talked about how she
wants to get off P.E. because she wants to study music and
she's like "I don't wanna get injured before I go to
College next year" And i was like
"What the...? Next year??" and realized that I'll be done
with school in a year! well, remember how I told you about
that bible College?
I might do that, but I'm still scared. even tho I'm 18 and
I'd even have the money. but I know that's not what my
grandparents gave it to me for and it'd just cause trouble
in this family again...

I'd also like to go down to a South American country for a
while, be a missionary or simply help poor people there. My
parents are against that, too, heaven knows why! They say I
should wait til after College because I wouldn't be able to
help there, not having learned anything. well, what would
me becoming a journalist or teacher help down in the jungle
or slums???
Seems like they're just against me helping, but that's
irrational, isn't it?
I dunno. Maybe i SHOULD just start studying, but WHAT?
Or maybe I'll go work for some organization, do a social
year, her in germany...

If you have any ideas, e-mail me. If anyone's reading this
at all.

Oh, I changed my name as it appears up there but I haven#t
found a title for this yet. have you?

I think I'll sign with Hannah from now on, I like that
name. It's not mine, but oh well...


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